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When is a skincare product too expensive?

by Rayna van Aalst December 15, 2018

When is a skincare product too expensive?

A few months ago we did a giveaway to celebrate the launch of La Bella Figura’s new product Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum.

I was thrilled when the raffle tool I used to pick the winner showed the Instagram handle of a green beauty “blogger” I love. I was also relieved the serum would go to someone who would appreciate its beauty and although there’s always a chance a product doesn’t work for someone, I knew that if that was the case, at least she had given the serum a proper chance.

From a marketing point of view the giveaway was a success, why worry what the winner does with a product?

The price of the Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum is €175. That’s a lot of money.

After I graduated high school and I got a job I had to work two months for this amount of money. Mind you my salary was decent for my hometown.

Although my situation has changed since then, I still consider €175 to be a significant amount of money to pay for one skincare product.

Do I think €175 is too much? Yes and no.

The price of a product is a subject best explained by a brand itself, there’s something which Victoria Fantauzzi, co-founder of La Bella Figura, said about the price of their Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum under the post of the giveaway winner:

“Yes, this serum is higher priced and many of our products are up there in price. Our goal is not to make expensive products, but rather products that transform and work and we do not skimp on quality or create products with fillers.”

So no, I don’t think €175 is too much for Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum.

And yes, I think that €175 is too much when the brand decided to price their products so high just because they can. Or because it’s a quick road to being rich. Or to cover for press trips, celebrity endorsements and expensive advertisements.

But the same goes for a product which costs €20.

Having said that €175 is a completely justified price for La Bella Figura's VVitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum (in my opinion), I don’t think that everyone should buy it.

I firmly believe that when you need to wait for an offer in order to justify buying a a product, then it’s not a product for you. Be it the Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum from La Bella Figura or the Siren Serum from Leahlani (currently €44).

Simply because it’s not in a price range you’re comfortable with, even if you're the top earning lawyer in town and you have enough money to buy it at a regular price.

This product is too expensive for you.

I see this way too often, including in my own bathroom (yes, I’ve done this too). When we perceive a product as too expensive, we tend to “save it for special occasions” and natural skincare is not like wine which gets better as it gets older. By the way, not all wine sorts get better as time goes by, most of them turn into vinegar.

What will also happen is that an occasional application of the product every now and then is simply not enough to see what a product can truly do for your skin. You’ll be disappointed in the results, the product and the brand, even though the brand has poured the best of the best in that bottle.

Obviously I used La Bella Figura’s Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum as an example but everything I shared here applies to any product at any price category.

I am aware that the products we offer at Reina Organics are not "cheap" but I am also not insensitive to prices. For me a higher price doesn't necessarily mean, higher quality. 

We have to be honest with ourselves when a product becomes too expensive. This threshold is very individual.

"Too expensive" doesn't have anything to do with the price at which it sells. It's simply an indication we're not comfortable to use a product.


P.S. Here's the Instagram post which prompted me to write this article. Make sure to read the comments too.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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