What on Earth is an underarm primer?

by Rayna van Aalst March 11, 2018

What on Earth is an underarm primer?

Makeup primers have been around for decades and with makeup artists galore recommending the use of one, still many women don’t know what their benefits are or at least are not convinced enough to buy them.

I for one had picked up a makeup primer every time I was shopping in the makeup section in my pre-natural days only to put it back down where I took it from.

The first Underarm Primer I heard of was the one of Meow Meow Tweet and that was just last year. To this date it’s the only underarm primer I know of.

It shouldn't come as a surprise then that when I talk about an Underarm Primer, I'm talking to a person with a blank expression. 

So what is an Underarm Primer?

It helps your deodorant work longer and better

The Meow Meow Tweet Underarm Primer balances the pH level of the armpit skin, hence it prolongs the time you stay fresh. This is something you would expect your deodorant to be able to do on its own, at least I do, but as a person who can’t function without a deodorant, any help in this department is welcome.

This is especially true on hot days when I normally need to reapply my deodorant in the afternoon.

There are people who don’t need a deodorant most of the times. And I mean exactly that – on most days they are absolutely fine without a deodorant (so are the people around them). They could use the Underarm Primer as an alternative for a deodorant.

For the rest of us, mere mortals who picked the short straw, and need to use a deodorant daily, an Underarm Primer might be the missing link to stink-free armpits all day long. 

It’s very soothing

The Underarm Primer also “helps to avoid sensitivity often caused by the skin’s natural acidity combining with alkaline deodorant products without disrupting your underarm’s micro biome”.

The underarm skin is very delicate, and it undergoes a lot of friction (literally). In addition, natural deodorants are not anti-perspirants which means that you would probably sweat throughout the day and the sweat could cause irritation.

Insert the Underarm Primer here.

It conditions, moisturizes and heals the skin which makes it your best choice if the sweat irritates your skin or if shaving does that to your armpits.

Or if you’ve realized in the most painful way that you’re intolerant to baking soda and the deodorant you’re currently using contains that as a main ingredient.

A word on the scent, the texture and the use

One of the ingredients of the Meow Meow Tweet Primer is tea tree oil but to my surprise I can’t smell any of it. I haven’t stuck my nose in the bottle but when I smell the product from my fingers, I would swear it’s odor-free. That’s probably because I use one pump only at a time.

In terms of texture, imagine a “thin” lotion. Well, that’s the texture which makes it easy to spread, even if you have hair.

As for the use – it really is quite simple. Apply one pump per armpit or split it between both pits and follow right away with your deodorant. I’ve tried it with my Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Deodorant Stick, as well as with Soapwalla Sensitive Skin deodorant cream and I couldn't be happier with any of the combinations.

You can use the Underarm Primer as a moisturizer right after shaving and if your body chemistry allows it, skip the deodorant for the day.

There really is no wrong way to use the Meow Meow Tweet Underarm Primer.

Quite simple and effective, isn't it?

Have you tried the Meow Meow Tweet Underarm Primer yet or do you have any questions about it? Let me know in the comments below.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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