More tips for hydrated skin

by Rayna van Aalst March 04, 2018

More tips for hydrated skin

We invest so much in our looks, sometimes the amounts border with an obsession, and at the same time we forget that skincare doesn’t come in bottles and jars only.

One week of good sleep and your skin is less dull.

One week of less pizza and chocolate and the breakouts have calmed and are less visible.

Same goes for hydration.

We buy €100+ moisturizers and expect them to hydrate our skin while we (unknowingly) dehydrate our bodies.

Skin IS our body.  

The opinions whether drinking water hydrates the skin are divided – some say it works, some say that “humans are not plants” so your skin won’t benefit much from you drinking water.

But the skin is part of the body so if you’re well hydrated, then that should affect the appearance of the skin. No?

Hydration is a complex subject and it’s not a question of either moisturizers or drinking water. It’s both. And much more.

We've all heard that we should start the day with water and lemon but is that enough?

I've put together some information about hydration which has helped me tremendously on being properly hydrated on the inside. Each of these tips has been a mild shock so to speak as they go against the mass belief. And I was a follower.

Just like with skincare, with hydration too I found out that I had to better educate myself on the subject rather than trust what random people and websites say.

Not all natural ingredients are created equal? Well, not all drinks are hydrating either.

There is no point in filling the “skin hydration” bucket with expensive oils and balms, while the bucket is leaking through the countless holes called "chronically dehydrated body".

These tips are based on information I’ve gathered along my journey to proper hydration. I’ve learned a lot from Tony Robbins and Ross Bridgeford from Live Energized. Tom Brady’s recent book TB12 is a great source of information too on the subject. (neither Reina Organics, nor me are affiliated with any of these names)

Do drink your water

The key words here are “Drink” and “Water”.

For the majority of my life I believed that drinking X amount of liquids would do. I found out however however that juice (even freshly squeezed), tea, etc don’t play part of the hydrating equation, at least not a positive one.

To say that I was unpleasantly surprised, won’t even begin to describe what I felt at the moment of my discovery, because it meant that I had to drink even more water and water and I weren’t BFF’s for as long as I could remember.

You probably know by now that alcohol and coffee are dehydrating. Did you know that teas such as green tea also contain caffeine? A single espresso (50ml) contains 60 mg of caffeine, regular European size coffee (125 ml) contains 85 mg caffeine and a cup of 125 ml of green tea - 30 mg of caffeine. My tea cups are 200 ml so that’s probably 50-60 mg of caffeine in one cup of green tea which is the equivalent of one espresso.

That however was great news as I never really enjoyed green tea so now I had an excuse to stop forcing myself to drink it.

I’m not saying you should ban the above drinks from your menu altogether, only to be aware of their dehydrating effect. Tom Brady for instance recommends you drink two cups of water extra for every cup of tea/coffee you drink and obviously that it’s best to avoid dehydrating drinks in first place.

How much should you be drinking?

To determine your normal hydration needs, calculate your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water each day. Google will help you with the conversions.

Eat hydrating food

So this is not “eat your water”.

Hydration is a complex process. Drinking enough water, consistently is a vital part of it, so is food. Food can contribute to the dehydration or to the hydration of your body.

Some dehydrating foods are asparagus, food high in salt, fried food, etc.

Food can be hydrating too and about 70% of what you eat throughout the day should consist of high-water content foods. Think lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, celery, radishes, bell peppers, cauliflower, carrots, etc.

When you look at your plate 70-75% of it should consist of water rich foods and the rest could be whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet or meat, if you eat that.

Same goes for snacks. Are they hydrating or dehydrating you?

Hydration requires consistency

This was probably the most difficult part for me. I could make myself drink enough water for a day. Two. And then I would start slipping back to drinking less water.

Getting and staying hydrated requires consistency.

This is not a once a week activity. Your body loses water daily and you need to restore that water loss by proper hydration every day.

According to Tom Brady, when your body is chronically dehydrated, which is the case for most people, it takes days to get properly hydrated.

Being consistent helps with one of the biggest hydration challenges too – frequent visits to the toilet. In the first few days when you increase your water intake to the amount your body needs, you will be visiting the ladies (or gents) room every 30 mins. The more hydrated you body is, the less frequently you need to go to the toilet. In this article you can read all about it (scroll down to the “Hydration Challenge 2” although I recommend reading the entire article).

Either way spare yourself from spending your day in the toilet (if that would be the benefit of hydrating to keep you going) and be consistent with hydration.

I recommend you install one of those water drinking reminding apps which also tracks you water intake per day. There are plenty of the them for Android and Apple.

How are you doing with hydration?

I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experience in hydration. Leave a comment here and help others by sharing your knowledge.


P.S. This information is not a medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice from a physician.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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