Fall skincare regimen with Josh Rosebrook

by Rayna van Aalst September 16, 2018

Fall skincare regimen with Josh Rosebrook

Now that our beauty cabinet is transitioning to fall it is also a great moment to put the right foot forward when it comes to skincare.

I think that great skincare brands are just like us humans. We all have various good qualities and only some of them are our strengths.

And where Josh Rosebrook products are incredibly good are these three things -  targeting dryness, dehydration and calming sensitivities.

As the temperatures drop the above concerns are the most common complaints we hear.

Here’s what a fall skincare routine targeting dryness, dehydration and sensitivities, using Josh Rosebrook products looks like.

Here’s what a fall skincare routine targeting the above concerns and using Josh Rosebrook products would look like.

And if you feel like stepping up, I’ve got a gift for you. Today only. Exclusively for the Reina Organics club.

Good morning sunshine

For the ones of you who like a more traditional cleansing, the Complete Moisture Cleanse is everything you need – it is delicate, it is pH balanced and it delivers a moisturized, gentle cleanse.

An alternative is a version of the dry oil cleansing which I shared last winter. Definitely my favorite morning cleansing method in the cooler months. I personally prefer the Herbal Infusion Oil which smells oh-so-lovely but the Advanced Hydration Mask would do a great job too.

Both the Herbal Infusion Oil and the Advanced Hydration Mask are multitaskers which you can use in multiple ways.

If your skin is very dry you might prefer the Advanced Hydration Mask as you can use it as an overnight treatment too. The Herbal Infusion Oil on the other hand is a great makeup remover, aka 1st cleanser in the evening. You can even use it as a moisturizer.

Now that your skin is ready for the rest of your skincare, a spritz or two of the Hydrating Accelerator and while the skin is still moist apply 1 pump of the Active Infusion Serum. (First warm up the serum between the palms of your hands and then press gently onto damp skin).

Another spritz of the Hydrating Accelerator and you finish off with the Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 Tinted. (or the regular version)

Don’t rush through the steps. I know we are all in a hurry to get the children to school and be on time at work but do allow the Active Infusion Serum to penetrate for a few minutes before you apply the Nutrient Day Cream. Allow the latter to absorb too before you apply makeup, if any.

Sweet dreams

Autumn days in the Netherlands are okayish but the closer we get to Christmas, the awfully shorter the days get.

In October it gets dark around 7 and I aim at doing my skincare around 8 so I don’t get tempted to skip anything or rush through it.

Here’s what Josh says about cleansing when I reached out to him on the subject of double cleansing:

“If you do not wear make up, there is no need to double cleanse.

Double cleansing is only necessary in the evening, when removing make up from the day. My recommendation for the first cleanse is a make up removing cleanser, the Herbal Infusion Oil is a dual oil cleanser and make up remover that destroys all make up quickly without redness or stinging the eye area. Next, a water based cleanser, the Complete Moisture Cleanse emulsifies with water to purify using light foaming action to cleanse the skin of dirt and imbalanced oil. The double cleanse is necessary to fully remove make up, cleanse, balance complexion and set the skin up layer the next products. 

Cleansing needs differ for each person, season and skin.”

Once the "canvas" is clean and you’re ready to paint healthy and glowing skin, tone with the Hydrating Accelerator and follow with the Active Infusion Serum like you did in the morning. Spritz again, only this time instead of the cream, finish off with the Vital Balm Cream.

Take it up a notch

A skincare regimen is more than applying your skincare morning and evening.

Your skin needs a little bit more to function and look at its best. (I'm talking about skincare products here but we all know how important lifestyle, food, overall heatlh, etc are and that how big their role is in how your skin looks)

Those weekly treatments we see on social media aren’t for die-hard skincare fans only. They don't need to be complicated but you do need to be consistent. I would even recommend to keep as simple as possible to make sure that you stick to that, even when things get busy. For instance, anyone can do a 10 min exfoliation session once a week, right?

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells. In simpler words, less obstacles for your hydration boosting products to do their magic.

When done properly exfoliation can actually repair skin barrier function. Intact barrier function is crucial when it comes to keeping the skin well hydrated.

The key is to be gentle. You don’t need to force anything to reveal that beautiful skin.

So once a weak for even 10 minutes allow the Active Enzyme Exfoliator to soften and renew your skin. You can then follow with the Advanced Hydration Mask and get ready for compliments how great your skin looks.

You can exfoliate any time of the day but evenings are best. You can then substitute the vital Balm Cream in your evening skincare regimen with the Advanced Hydration Mask and leave it on as an overnight treatment.

My, oh my! I might go and treat my skin to this exfoliation + hydration treatment now.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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