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The Beauty of Giving


Up Close and Personal - Growing Up in Bulgaria

November 24, 2016

Little Rayna

When you grow up witnessing utter poverty, you learn to live with it but you never get used to the misery and the suffering. Here's why Reina Organics supports orphans and children with disabilities in Bulgaria.

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The Capsule Collection - Collector's Item from La Bella Figura

November 20, 2016

La Bella Figura Capsule Collection

Inspired by fine dining and molecular gastronomy, the Capsule Collection is the most sophisticated skincare system I have seen.

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Why La Bella Figura Has Such a Special Place In My Heart

October 23, 2016

La Bella Figura Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil / Prickly Pear Seed Oil

La Bella Figura opened for me a door to a part of the green beauty world, which not many people get to experience. In it authenticity, high-quality ingredients and honesty are central.

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Up Close and Personal: Drinking Water is Not Cool, It's a Habit

October 09, 2016

A personal story from a year ago when Reina Organics' first press event took place, which helped me realize that drinking water was not cool. It's a habit.

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